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Haji Amir Group is keen to provide many advisory services and comprehensive support in order to guide businessmen who want to invest in Turkey during the establishment of their companies and put them on the road to achieve a lot of professional successes according to modern requirements that suit all professional sectors Our values are ethical standards and Careful implementation of all matters related to companies and commercial and financial matters

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The Haji Emir Group has made it a priority to facilitate all procedures for registering students wishing to enroll in Turkish universities. Ensuring final admission according to optimal standards and dedication to customer service at the local and international level. To provide educational advice and academic advice that each student may need before and after the start of his academic career. The Haji Amir Group aims to guide students in the post-secondary stage towards the best educational institutions in all disciplines.

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A leading company in the field of education characterized by comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in the provision of university admission services combined with strong partnerships and cooperative agreements with major educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education from inside and outside Turkey aims to guide foreign students wishing to study in Turkey towards the most suitable universities To provide them with the best educational opportunities that are in line with their ambition and future aspirations and meet all their needs and work to achieve them with a high level of professionalism and using modern management methods under the supervision of a group of experts and consultants prominent in many areas Lat


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