Characteristics of the study in Turkey

Turkey is an open window to many of the famous monuments and is one of the most important study destinations for international students from outside the European Union because of its strategic location linking the continents of Asia and Europe. This cultural interaction enabled harmonious production of different religions and beliefs.It also competed in the field of education to be available to a number of prestigious universities in the world because of their reliance on the latest technology and technology crisis in addition to the availability of cadres of teachers with expertise and high skills

We have learned in previous articles about the study in Turkey and the actual cost of studying and living. Below we find important information about the advantages of studying in Turkey and how to obtain a scholarship in Turkey


Turkey is characterized by ethnic diversity, multiculturalism, and a stable, peaceful society that respects the religious rights and personal freedoms of all people.The students who come to study in Turkey are always quick to acclimatize.This is due to the warmth and nature of the people who tend to identify and mix with the generosity of their people.


Most of the Turkish universities provide university housing services for their students. Students’ dormitories are also available alongside the furnished apartments which the students share among themselves.This is in addition to paying the rent costs.The university accommodation varies according to the location of the residence and its proximity to the city and the university.


Most of the Turkish universities offer a variety of catering services geared specifically to students.The school meals are of the highest quality at the appropriate prices and many restaurants are located next to the university campuses.The student has no difficulty in eating at the lowest prices

A prestigious certificate of world class

The Turkish certificate is highly appreciated both inside and outside Turkey due to the high level of education recognized internationally and the commitment of the Turkish universities to high standards to improve the field of education which made it the most popular destination for students from around the world

If you want an unparalleled study experience ...Studying at Turkish universities is a great choice

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