Required documents for civil marriage in Turkey
  • A civil registration certificate, also called a single certificate

  • birth certificate

  • The following documents are required, along with the legalization of the certificate of removal of the civil registration from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the nationality of the citizen according to his passport and then be certified by the Turkish Consulate

For Moroccan nationality

  • Required to bring the required documents with residence exclusively in Turkey, whether it is a tourist stay or a business or humanitarian stay

For Syrian nationality

  • An individual registration certificate is required from the governorate where the person’s residence resides

  • A birth certificate is not required for Syrians with a temporary protection ID

The costs of treating marriage in Turkey
  • Expenses and drawings of civil marriage in Turkey about $ 500

  • With the Haji Amir group the total time to end the civil marriage proceedings from the ratification of papers from foreign with translation into the language Only one week required

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