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Establishment of companies in Turkey

List of foundation services companies in Turkey

There is no doubt that the location of Turkey is one of the most prominent sites of growth and heritage as it connects between the Asian continent and Europe, in addition to the various ruins on the Mediterranean Sea south of the Black Sea to the north, making them the most important reasons for the flow of foreign investment

What encourages you to invest in Turkey?

Turkey’s attractiveness lies in the quality of infrastructure. Transport and transport networks, roads, hospitals, schools, universities and public services guarantee the best in the world, as well as the level of economic openness that encouraged foreign investment and allowed the establishment of commercial zones and companies in different sectors. Free of them and the public through a set of incentives and exemptions, which in turn led to the provision of many investment opportunities

Reasons for investing in Turkey
  • A wonderful investment climate

  • A unique strategic location

  • A life of high quality

  • Access to global markets

  • Stable political environment

  • Strong banking system

  • Free zones provide industrial cities

  • Opportunities for business and enterprise success are high

  • A multicultural sound environment

  • Availability of a large consumer market

  • The abundance of manpower for all kinds of industries

If you want to establish a company in Turkey and you don't have a real estate, Haji Amir Group will meet your request

Get your company’s legal headquarters with us

Haji Amir has listed the leasing service of the virtual headquarters, which is documented by the official bodies such as the Department of Taxation and the Chamber of Commerce and all the rest of the government and government agencies with high quality to meet the needs of all types of companies in addition to our ability to manage according to Turkish law and our team On behalf of you

Default Headquarters

The Virtual Headquarters is 100% legal and is a way to help new investors who want to establish companies at the lowest possible cost and initially enable them to understand the nature of work in Turkey and give them an opportunity to study the market and determine the requirements of the appropriate headquarters for your company activity


Haji Amir Group provides comprehensive assistance at all stages of establishing your company in Turkey by providing a range of consulting services related to the costs and steps of establishing companies, which include directing and guiding foreign businessmen during the establishment of their companies in Turkey

  • Providing the company’s legal consultations which start with the first stages of establishing the company and continue until after its formation

  • Directing and guiding foreign businessmen during the establishment of their companies in Turkey

  • Identify the documents required to establish the company

  • Commercial Registration Extraction

  • Follow-up the work required by the client to pay the taxes and facilitate the rest of the procedures

  • Print a personal card titled Office

  • Design your website and marketing for your services extensively

  • Help you register and protect your brand

  • Enjoy a discount on mobile app design

  • Help you to extract your company’s land line in addition to the Internet subscription

  • Booking appointments with factories and companies

  • Providing shipping services to all countries of the world

  • Provide guaranteed consultation to customers

  • Providing investment opportunities and obtaining shops, factories, farms, supermarkets, restaurants

  • Extract the certificate of effectiveness in Turkish and English

Special services

We are keen to provide hassle free services and provide the simplest ways to serve customers

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Our mission is to provide excellent consulting services and look forward to a prosperous future in the Middle East and the world

Specialized experts

We have a team of experts in the field of corporate establishment

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