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Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for international students due to the quality of education, the upgrading of curricula and the development of technology

Haji Amir Group is the exclusive agent of the best private universities in Turkey and aims to present some indicators on prices, which helps you to plan your financial course

Study fees in Turkey
The cost of study in Turkey is moderate compared to other major countries and the value of expenditure varies from student to student depending on a number of factors, most notably The type of university the student will be enrolled in Degree in Bachelor’s Degree is Master’s PhD

The type of university the student will be enrolled in

Degree in Bachelor’s Degree is Master’s PhD

The scientific specialization to be applied

Degree in Bachelor’s Degree is Master’s PhD


Degree in Bachelor’s Degree is Master’s PhD

City of residence

Staying in large cities requires high expenses unlike living in small towns

Living style

Degree in Bachelor’s Degree is Master’s PhD

Select Language

The tuition fees offered in English are high compared to the tuition fees in Turkish

Privileges offered by Haji Amir Group
  • We offer you free educational advice in all languages

  • We help you find the best universities accredited by the state according to your specialization

  • We offer you a certificate equivalency service certified by Notar Notary

  • We help you enroll in language courses at the top institutes

  • We offer you certificate equivalence service from the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education


We offer you a search service for university accommodation and provide external apartments according to your request and negotiate with the owner with the translation for the agreement between the parties in addition to reading the contract ‘nutre’ with the conditions specified in the contract accurately and explaining it to the tenant

Transportation fees

We offer many facilities and special offers for students, including the free transportation card


Submit and follow-up procedures for free student residence

Post graduation

We offer assistance in the search for employment and employment in Turkish and foreign companies after graduation for students. We care about customers and consider them the source of our development and we are proud of the students

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Haseki Sultan Mahallesi Turgot Ozal Millet CD NO 53 KAT 4 D8  34096 Fatih Istanbul

Contact us

From within Turkey: 02128530587

From outside Turkey: 00905538444499

Timing of work

Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm

Sunday: weekly holiday

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